Delivering innovative composite structures for the global market
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Innovative Composites International (TSX-V: IC) (ICI) leads the way in thermoplastics by setting new standards in the housing, transportation and composite panel industries with their advanced, environmentally friendly materials. With state of the art new designs such as prefab modular homes, cargo containers and structural insulated panels, ICI has been able to create innovative solutions across a vast variety of industries. The publically traded company continues to grow, finding new ways to apply their unique composite materials to different applications. Their 2 distinct product lines, Structure-Lite,  and EcoScape have proven to be successful breakthroughs in modern technology and are used in many different applications.

Their flagship product,  Structure-Lite composite panels are the base for many of their products. Widely used in the transportation industry, the panels are used for cargo containers,truck body containers as well as highway sound barrier panels. Using recycled materials such as plastic water bottles, the panels are environmentally friendly made with low cost, readily available raw materials. This lets the panels be created quickly and efficiently and able to be customized for nearly any application. Already the panels have been used not only in the transportation sector but also for durable horse trailers and marine docks and decking. The versatility and durability of ICI’s composite panels makes them ideal to replace many conventional materials. The composite panels won’t rust, rot or warp and each one is insect, water and UV resistant. The incredible strength to weight ratio also makes them much lighter compared to steel panels, which have the same strength but are twice as heavy.

A key component of ICI’s composite panels is their unique thermoplastic fibre reinforced composite skin material. This skin, owned and manufactured exclusively by ICI, forms the outer layer of the panels and offers unmatched durability and strength to these lightweight panels. The special manufacturing process ensures the bonds between the fibres and thermoplastic material are nearly impenetrable. Impact resistant, impervious to water and made with 100% recyclable materials, the thermoplastic fibre reinforced composite skin material gives ICI’s Structure-Lite panels their incredible durability and versatility. Unlike most fibre-reinforced materials, the thermoplastic skin can also be formed into various shapes, making it ideal to use in the transportation and marine industries.

Designed and created from an adaptation of the Structure-Lite panels, ICI’s EcoScape houses are a marvel of engineering and architecture. Compared to other prefab modular homes, the EcoScape line has been designed for easy, fast assembly, able to be completed in only a few days. The strength and durability of the panels make them ideal for disaster prone areas, being both earthquake and hurricane resistant.

Once the panels are delivered on site, they can be quickly assembled by non-skilled labour thanks to its ingenious modular design. ICI has also designed an emergency shelter that can be assembled in a few hours after being delivered to nearly anywhere in the world. The shelter uses the same design components as the EcoScape houses and unlike many other temporary shelters, these can be used for up to 5 years or put away in storage with no degradation.