Structure-Lite Composite Products

The industries that can benefit from ICI’s state-of-the-art composite technology affect nearly everyone on the planet in some way. However many of these industries have seen little change for the past 30 years and are prime for new innovations such as the patented Structure-Lite panels. Each of these composite panels have an unmatched strength to weight ratio, are more durable, long lasting, eco-friendly and less expensive. These unique qualities make Structure-Lite an ideal replacement for many traditional materials currently in use today.

What makes these panels so unique?

ICI’s Structure-Lite composite panels have been designed to be lighter, stronger and more durable than traditional counterparts. Made from readily available recycled materials and taking less energy to manufacture, the composite panels have less of an impact on the environment and an excellent eco-friendly alternative to steel, wood and other composite panels composed of virgin materials. The materials that make up the Structure-Lite panels are also lighter compared most modern materials allowing for an unmatched strength to weight ratio and durability. Every panel is rot, mould and rust resistant, with an impact resistant skin that won’t decay when exposed to UV light. Sandwiched between 2 layers of skin material is a foam core that adds fire resistance and isolating properties, furthering the applications the Structure-Lite panels can be used in.

A key component of ICI’s composite panels is their unique thermoplastic fibre reinforced composite skin material. This skin, owned and manufactured exclusively by ICI, forms the outer layer of the panels and offers unmatched durability and strength to these lightweight panels. The special manufacturing process ensures the bonds between the fibres and thermoplastic material are nearly impenetrable. Impact resistant, impervious to water and made with 100% recyclable materials, the thermoplastic fibre reinforced composite skin material gives ICI’s Structure-Lite panels their incredible durability and versatility. Unlike most fibre-reinforced materials, the thermoplastic skin can also be formed into various shapes, making it ideal to use in the transportation and marine industries.

How are the Structure-Lite panels used?

Currently Structure-Lite is being used mainly in the transportation and prefab modular housing industries but the applications and uses are virtually unlimited. The panels are used to create unique cargo containers, similar to the current metal containers on the market today but with some remarkable attributes. Half the weight of steel, ICI’s containers can also fold flat when empty making for easy transportation and fast assembly. The panels are also being used for truck bodies where their lightweight is drastically reducing the fuel consumption for major logistic firms. In the housing industry, the panels are being used for ICI’s EcoScape product line. General labourers can assemble these prefab modular homes in a few days, making them ideal for countries in need of emergency structures or for those who just want to build up their housing infrastructure without spending a fortune on construction.

Formable, durable, recyclable and cost-effective, the versatile Structure-Lite composite panels can be used in nearly any application. Already being used for truck tonneau covers and marine docks, they are also being developed for use in blast mitigation and ballistic panels. Strong, lightweight and long-lasting, they are proving to be the ideal replacement for many traditional materials and are bringing innovation to stagnant industry sectors.